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We have been together since the begining of 2005 and we have been married since Feb. 4, 2009. We have two daughters Joslyn and Abby. We are pretty easy to get along with. We do a lot of things as a family, and we have some great dreams, goals, and aspirations for our family.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Alright, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a long long tunnel, but the light is so bright I can't give up. I am taking this licensing exam one more time on Saturday. I pretty much HAVE to pass it this time. This career is going to be such a good thing for my family now I just need to DO IT!!!! I have been studying a lot and really trying to make sense of everything. The other times, I was really just trying to memorize it all, but this time I really am trying to learn it. I'm going to need to know it to do the job anyways.

So Sam is doing pretty good. He started up running again. Since I've been home all the time, he has been able to kinda lounge a little more than usual and.....well...you can tell...he he! So he working in fixing that.

Joslyn has really been understanding more complex ideas and commands lately. She is playing with her sister more and more and she is starting to play pretend more. The other day she was playing with one of her Barbies and she was putting the shoes and sun glasses on it. It was so cute. She never should have done that even a few weeks ago. She has also been singing too. All the time. The different songs in Cinderella, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She is just getting so big. I can't believe my little baby is two and a half already! AAAAhhhh!

Abby.....wow......where do I start? At her age, (9 mo.) there is always something new. She scoots around doing the wounded soilder really well. She moves really fast. Just these last few days she has actually started crawling too. I was thinking she was going to skip that step altogether, but apparently not. She is refusing to eat any baby food and just wants adult, table food all the time. Or a bottle. Of course, I can't forget the bottle. But she is seriously SOOOO happy. I have never seen a happier baby in my entire life. She just smiles all the time and squeels and laughs. She is always making noise of some kind. Oh, and she can climb all the way up the stairs too. (we have 14 stairs) Goodness goodness. She's unstopable now. :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25th UPDATE

Alrighty, the thing with my new job is I can't actually start making any money, or even start working at all, until I have a state license to sell insurance. So this is what I have been working on for weeks now. Attending classes, taking quizes, studying, taking state exams,...blah blah. I took the state test today and fell just 4% shy of passing. So I am planning on going back to Grand Rapids on Aug. 15th to retake it and this time I will have a better idea of what I need to know. Of course it won't be the exact same test, but there is only so much information that can be covered. I think I will do much better next time. I'd better anyways!

So I got to see Kourtni today while I was down state. That was nice to see her again. Hopefully next time I go down, we will be able to spend more time together. Maybe go to a park or something and let the kids play! (the kids!!!!!!!! yea! I love being a mom!)

Grandma Culver and Sam took Joslyn and Abby to the John Ball Park Zoo for the day. I didn't get to be there, but I was told both girls really enjoyed it. Joslyn got to see all the animals she sees in her books and in movies and Abby got to see smiling faces all day telling her how beautiful she is. (She loves that) Grandma got to spend time with her grand kids, and Sam got to eat at one of his favorite resturaunts. So I'd say it was a successful trip for everyone. *thank you Gena for taking us!*

So Abby is starting to scoot around now and once in a while (depend on what her motivation is) she gets her knees into it too, so I think she is going to be crawling in no time! Yea! I just know she is going to love being mobile. Then she can follow her sister around all day. Joslyn is Abby's favorite person and toy. She can just watch her all day. Even if Jos is pulling her hair or stepping on her (by accident I assure you) Abby just smiles and thinks it is awesome to be getting attention from her older sister. She is an extremely happy baby already, but I know this will help out with the few fussy times a day. Yea!

Ok, one last thing. Sam and I have decided to not move to Arizona. Yet at least. Maybe at all. Time will only tell on that one. But for now we will most likely sign one more year lease where we are and hopefully at the end of that lease we would like to buy a house here. After some years and when we can afford it, we want to build our own house. It is at that point that we will decide if we want to build it here or somewhere else. I'm thinking that at that point we will probably just stay. The girls will be settled in school and all that by then. But I'm not saying for sure what's going to happen. Of course I still would love to live somewhere that it doesn't snow, but I just want what will be in the best intrest of the whole family. (And I guess me being selfish isn't going to help everyone!)

Well, that's it for today. I'm getting pretty tired now. Goodnight! ZZZZzzzzzzzz...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding Reception Pitures

Alright, I am officially employed by Banker's Life and Casualty. I am getting my insurance license next week and then I'm good to GO!!! I am so excited. I feel like finally here is something that I can still be doing 10, 20, 30 years from now. And there is room to advance. I don't have to do anything with food, I don't have to stand in one place all day running a cash register, and I don't have to do any stinkin janitorial work or cleaning. FINALLY! I think this is such a blessing for my family.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

more on the girls

It seems like Joslyn is starting to listen better and understand more than she used to. (I know, that come with growing) But it is really a relief in the house. When we tell her to stay in the yard, she mostly listens. If we tell her to get down or come here please, she does!!!!! I like not having to punish for such small things. It is so amazing how much kids learn so quickly. I wish we all continued to learn at that rate. Abby is rolling EVERYWHERE!!!! She can sit up by herself for a while without falling.....if you get her in the position first. Also she realizes when she has made a noise like if she hits the horn on her toy or Joslyn's keyboard. She still loves her rattles. She has also taken a liking recently to a little teddy bear Joslyn got for her birthday. They are both just so cute!! I can't get enough of them.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Extended family

My bestfriend Saba Hubbell. I think of her as a sister so she's practically family.
My brother, Michael 21.

My sister just younger than me, Cheri, 22. (She has cut her hair since then though).

my nephew Austin 8

nephew Ethan 4

my 2nd oldest sister, Christina 25 and her boyfriend, Zach. (I just love them together!)

My youngest sister, Andrea 19, holding Abby. And the oldest, Elizabeth 26

My MOMMY!!!!!!!

Some more pictures of the family.

This was on my birthday in March.
Some of her birthday presents. She loves dressing up like a princess. She wants to wear dresses everyday.

Gangsta Abby

Awwww....there's the Abby we all love! (She was talkin to Mommy!)

Sam chillin at the park this spring.

Jossy playin at the top of the slide. She only likes to play at the top and never wants to slide down.